Sunday, 1 February 2015

4 Apps You Have to Try

I mostly use my tablet for entertainment and I love playing games on it. I have tried so many apps and most of them aren't that good but, there are a few that I really do enjoy. Here is a list of my four favourite apps.

Tapped Out:
I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of The Simpsons. Well, it turns out they have a pretty popular app called, Tapped Out. I really love this game and I've gotten pretty far on it despite it being a bit repetitive. The goal is to grow Springfield as big as possible while unlocking buildings and characters. If you're a fan of The Simpsons I suggest checking this game out as it has the same humour and all of your favourite characters from the show.

Covet Fashion:
Even though I'm not really into fashion I really do like this game, which is a bit weird because it's all this game's about! In this game there are different events with a specific theme and you must dress like this theme. Your look is then voted on by real people and if you reach a certain score you win a piece of clothing or diamonds, the in game currency.The game has a wide variety of clothing to choose from that is updated daily and as it so happens you can buy this clothing in real life too, but for a pretty penny of course because it's all designer. If only I were rich, I could buy all the pretty dresses!

Trivia Crack:
Trivia Crack has become really popular lately and I always hear people asking others trivia questions out of the blue because of this game! It really is worth all the hype though as it's super fun and addicting. In this game the goal is to advance through the different rounds of trivia and to win you must collect all of the characters before your opponent does. The six different "characters" (aka categories) are Art, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Geography and History (my worst one). If you enjoy jeopardy or just plain old trivia you should look into this app!

Hungry Shark Evolution:
I really love this game and I think it's mostly because of the beautiful graphics. The colours are really vibrant and the scenery/background is gorgeous. The premise isn't as beautiful, you're a shark and you must eat fish, and even poor swimmers who are minding their own business, to stay alive. Despite this morbid concept it really is fun to play. Also, to keep you hooked the shark grows over time and once it has reached size 10 you get to unlock another shark.

There you have it, my favourite apps!

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